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Anderson, Western Victoria

Brian and Janette Anderson

Bundalong Holsteins

JERONIMO P full proof
Bidgemah, Western Victoria

Bill Dumsney

Extremely consistent, super quiet group of heifers. Excellent calving ease. Luke Davison, share farmer is rapt in them. Proven sire. Available Sexcel®.

SKYWALKER Daughters at Bidgemah
SKYWALKER full proof
Shannon Pastoral, Katunga

J & M Shannon

I really like my Jeronimo daughters. They have a great temperament and are always early onto the platform. I think the Jeronimo daughters have the potential to develop into great cows.

Both the Jeronimo daughters calved at 24 months and have been milking over 100 days, they are currently averaging over 2kgM/S/day.

One daughter classified GP83 and the other GP84

JERONIMO P Daughters at Shannon Pastoral
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M & N Lawry - Calivil, Victoria

The Wrigley daughters have a great temperament. I have been really impressed with how they have calved in on their first lactation and have gone back and reused him this season.

WRIGLEY daughters at M and N Lawry's
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Childers Cove Holstein, Childers Cove

Our WRIGLEY daughters are medium stature with good udders. Signs to make long lasting cows

WRIGLEY Daughters at Childers Cove Holsteins
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Costin Farm, Simpson

TAILOR has produced some fantastic daughters for us. They’re a very uniform group of animals with a quiet nature, good udders and a noticeable improvement on milking speed.

TAILOR Daughters at Costin Farm
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Crothers Pastoral, Wangoom

Cathy Parson (Peter Crothers’ daughter) and Son Josh (in photo)

I look to breed average stature Friesians with good components as we have a mixed herd. We run a commercial operation, so we need to breed profitable cows that are easy to milk.

  • 1200 acres
  • 630 cows – 2/3 Holstein, 1/3 Jersey
  • 1.9kg MS/cow/day
  • 5kg barley/cow/day in bail
SNAKEOIL Daughters at Crothers Pastoral
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SPOCK Daughters at Crothers Pastoral
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Joe & Matt Curran, Simpson

Matt Curran

My SNAKEOIL daughters are quiet, consistent, good uddered heifers with average stature, that are going to mature into great cows down the track.

SNAKEOIL Daughters at Joe & Matt Curran
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Peter & Jenny DeJong, Simpson

Peter DeJong

Our breeding focuses on type and production. SEVILLE’s daughters have great udders, and their natural fertility allows us to be more confident in using Sexcel® on our cows.”

SEVILLE Daughters at Peter and Jenny DeJongs
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FLOWRIDER Daughters at Peter and Jenny DeJongs
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Anthony & Wendy Eccles, Purnim

Anthony Eccles

I am very happy with the progeny I get from ABS’ genetics. They are consistently good framed well uddered cows that are very profitable. I have been using Sexcel® on heifers and cows with very positive results.

SEVILLE Daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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JERONIMO daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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FLOWRIDER daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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SAMIRAH daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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MOONGLOW daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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TAILOR daughters at Anthony & Wendy Eccles
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Mark Gale, Timboon

Mark Gale

We couldn’t be happier with the progression of our herd. SPECTRE’s heifers are some of the best we have ever had on farm. They have great type and udders, and we look forward to milking them for years to come.

  • 900 acres
  • 800 cows
  • 450 acres for young stock
  • 330 acres forage production
SPECTRE Daughters at Mark Gales
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Andrew & Stephen Holloway, Mepunga West

Andrew Holloway

My SEVILLEs are average stature, good framed cows that come into the dairy early and are no-fuss profitable cows.

SEVILLE Daughters at Andrew & Stephen Holloways
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Jamie & Jacinta Loveday, Laang

Jamie and Jacinta Loveday

I believe in breeding quality cows with good overall type. I have used Sexcel® extensively on cows and heifers to enable me to significantly cull and sell the excess to export.

  • 600 acres
  • 530 cows
  • 8kg MS/cow/day
  • kg/head/day of wheat/barley/canola mix in bail plus pasture
MOONWIND -P Daughters at Jamie & Jacinta Lovedays
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POLDARK -PP -RC Daughters at Jamie & Jacinta Lovedays
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Sam McCluggage, Narringal

Sam McCluggage

I have used sexed semen to breed most of my replacements and I have used Sexcel® on both cows and heifers and this is where the line of SNAKEOILs have come from. My focus is on high BPI with functional type.

  • 320 ha
  • 700 cows
  • 2kg MS/cow/day
  • 5kg/head/day of wheat/barley/canola mix in bail
SNAKEOIL Daughters at Sam McCluggage
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Peter Roach, Colac

Peter Roach

The heifers that we have joined this year have demonstrated a great improvement in overall type and production. Their good temperament makes them a well-rounded addition to our herd.

TAILOR Daughters at Peter Roachs
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POLDARK PP RC Daughters at Peter Roachs
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Perry Cattle Co, Cooriemungle

Bryan Smethurst at Perry CC

Kimball and Spock have both produced strong heifers with excellent udder improvement over their dams. They continue to milk well and all six animals photographed held to first service.

SPOCK Daughters at Perry Cattle Co
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KIMBALL Daughters at Perry Cattle Co
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David Adams, Wangoom

David Adams

My MOONGLOW daughters are quiet, well balanced cows with great teat placement and are quick to milk. These are the type of cows I want to breed and milk. I’m so happy with the daughters that I have gone back and used him again in this breeding season.

MOONGLOW Daughters at David Adams
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