The Winning Gameplan

Simplify your joining and calving season with ABS’s “The Winning Game Plan” Genetic Strategy.

The Winning Game Plan is designed to streamline your joining and calving season while optimizing your herd’s genetic gain and removing/reducing bobby calves.

Identify your top-performers and Sexcel them to ensure maximum genetic gain.

Sexcel is the most advanced technology giving the industry’s best fertility results and empowers you to get all of your desired replacements from the top heifers in your herd.

InFocus the tail of your herd, claim your 13th milk cheque and remove/reduce bobby calves with Beef InFocus.

Beef InFocus is your golden ticket to turning what is currently considered a waste product into a viable beef product that drives both the sustainability and profitability of your herd.

Beef Infocus and Sexcel

An optimised genetic strategy without the complications.

Sexcel the top and InFocus the tail, achieving sustainability with your herd’s genetics has never been so easy.

Farmers Using The Winning Game Plan Strategy:



September 8, 2021

Ben Clarke

September 8, 2021

James Couch

July 27, 2021

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