The Winning
Game Plan

Simplify your joining and calving season with ABS’s “The Winning Game Plan” Genetic Strategy.

Build Your Winning Game Plan

A simple yet incredibly effective joining program


Dairy farmers are incredibly busy, The Winning Game Plan is designed to combine simplicity and profitable genetic progress.

  • Maximize Genetic Gain

  • Remove/Reduce Bobby Calves

  • Simplify Joining & Calving Season

  • Create a More Sustainable Genetic Strategy

Sexcel the top cows in your herd, InFocus the rest


Generate all replacements from the highest performing animals in your herd and convert bobby calves into high-value beef cattle.

  • Generate Replacements from Top Cows in your Herd Increasing Your Herds Genetic Gain
  • Take Advantage of Leading Sexcel Technology
  • Claim Your 13th Milk Cheque by Transforming Bobby Calves Into Valuable Beef Animals
  • Take Advantage of Proven Beef on Dairy Solution, ABS Beef InFocus
ABS Sustainability

Dedicated to the future of the Australian dairy industry, ABS is actively creating genetic strategies to improve the herds of tomorrows sustainability.

Feed Efficiencies, Antibiotic Usage, Health, Production, Fertility, Bobby Calves, are just some of our sustainability focus. Together we can future proof the Australian dairy industry

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Nothing But The Best


Using Sexcel, customers have the power to decide with, as much precision as biology and technology currently allows, which part of the herd will pass on their genetics and make replacement heifers for the next generation.

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Proven On Dairy, The Only Profitable Solution


Beef InFocus is the key to claiming your 13th Milk Cheque and creating a more sustainable genetic strategy. InFocus is proven on dairy cattle to be highly profitable when compared with regular beef sires.

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Farmers Using The Winning Game Plan Strategy:



September 8, 2021

Ben Clarke

September 8, 2021

Let’s Build Your Winning Game Plan

Together we can build an inspired genetic strategy designed to maximize both your herds’ profitability and sustainability.

Whether you create your own with our helpful guide or work with an ABS breeding consultant to create a tailored breeding strategy, your winning game plan will be a simple and effective tool ready to drive your dairy operations efficiency.

The Winning Game Plan Building Guide