Anthony Eccles


Shannon Pastoral

We are milking 4 Jeronimo daughters that are a pleasure to milk, with very good udders.

I loved the calves as they did extremely well, being were easy to rear and have great temperaments.

We have a further 14 to calve next year and 30 the following year and we look forward to them coming into the herd.

They are very consistent being predominately black and the polled gene makes them not only exciting animals to milk but to also breed from.

Megan Coster


B & J Anderson

I really like my Jeronimo daughters.

They have a great temperament and are always early onto the platform. I think the Jeronimo daughters have the potential to develop into great cows.

Both the Jeronimo daughters calved at 24 months and have been milking over 100 days, they are currently averaging over 2kgM/S/day.

Shannon PastoralKatunga, Western Victoria