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P Cocksedge, Nerrena

P Cocksedge, Paco Holsteins

DG CHARLEY Daughters at Paco Holsteins

Farm Production: +600kgMS/cow
Feed Quantity: 2.5t of grain
Feed Type: Grain Mix/Pasture/Homegrown Silage
Farm Comments: Highly stocked, undulating dry land farm with no feed pad and low labour inputs

Williams, Yannathan, Gippsland

Evan and Sheriden Williams

SAMARITAN Daughters at E & S Williams
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M & A Peters, Ranston, Gippsland

Mathew and Anthea Peters

FLOWRIDER Daughters at M & A Peters
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B & J Anderson

Brian and Janette Anderson

JERONIMO P Daughters at B & J Anderson's
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G & L Gallatly

Guy Gallatly

The SEVILLE daughters I am milking in my 330 cow herd have great temperament, udders and production and I’m looking forward to the next group calving next season.

SEVILLE Daughters at G & L Gallatly
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SPOCK Daughters at G & L Gallatly
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Paul Hannigan, Yanakie (South Gippsland)

Paul Hannigan

Total Area: 700 acres

Milking Area: 500 acres

380 Milking Cows – mostly Holstein & some crosses

Production: 620 kg Milk Solids Per Cow Per Year

Feed: 2.2 Tonne of Grain Per Year

Paul is milking a group of SNAKEOIL daughters and is very happy with them. They are good temperament, medium size, no fuss cows with very good components. They have been joined back to CALUMET

SNAKEOIL Daughters at Paul Hannigan
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