DG CHARLEY Daughters

My only DG Charley daughter amongst my small number of Holsteins. Was the second highest PI heifer in a much larger framed 700 cow Holstein herd before moving to the current farm. Last 305 day lactation (her 2nd) classified VG86 and produced 666kgs milk solids at 3.89% fat and 3.49% protein PI 117 and was the first cow joined and held to sexed semen. she also held to her first joining the year before.

Paul CocksedgePaco Holsteins, Nerrena, Victoria

Farm Production: +600kgMS/cow
Feed Quantity: 2.5t of grain
Feed Type: Grain Mix/Pasture/Homegrown Silage

Farm Comments: Highly stocked, undulating dry land farm with no feed pad and low labour inputs