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Winning Game Plan

Beef Infocus and Sexcel

Maximising your return starts with genetic evaluation

To simplify your joining season and maximise your farm’s profitability, the Winning Game Plan utilises the following three sections of your herd (First service heifers through to you oldest milking cow).

Bottom of your herd

Typically these are animals you would like to see less of in your herd. Generally greater than 1.5 – 2.0 standard deviations from herd average on the left or lower side. Even if you plan on milking these animals because they are already in your herd, you can turn their offspring into a profitable animal with Beef InFocus™ and stop their genetics entering your herd.

Middle of your herd

This part of the herd represents your “average animals”. That is, they don’t standout positively or negatively. They are generally cows in the herd that you are happy to milk and, if needed can add replacements to the herd but they don’t represent the maximum gain. Often these animals are prime candidates for conventional semen.

Top of your herd

These are the animals in your herd which you would like to see more of. Generally greater than 1.5 – 2.0 standard deviations from herd average on the right or higher side. A good place to start is a profit based index like BPI$ or NM$, but can be applied just as effectively to any trait. When you breed the best to best you maximise the rate of genetic gain possible in your herd. This is what ABS GMS does. The more replacements you achieve from these animals, the less replacements you need from the lower value animals which make up the rest of your herd.

Build Your Own

Winning Game Plan

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