The Key To Your 13th Milk Cheque

Not Just Any Beef Sire.

Working with Australian dairy farmers, Beef InFocus™ is already improving the profitability and sustainability of dairy farms across Australia.

ABS Beef InFocus™ is powered by NuEra Genetics™ and delivers proven and reliable beef genetics for the dairy producer to maximize calf crop value while driving beef supply chain efficiency.

Beef InFocus™ Delivers Australian Dairy Farmers:

  • Tailored beef genetics for dairy farms
  • Proven performance on dairy farms
  • Beef supply chain marketability
  • Data-driven results
  • Remove/Reduce bobby calves
Easy Calving

Easy Calving

Calving performance is evaluated by collecting data and confirming Calving ease, Stillbirth, Gestation length from a minimum of 500 breeding observations from at least four different herds.

Proven Short Gestation

Proven Short Gestation

Larger proportion of cows calving earlier while reducing post partum anoestrus. Beef InFocus creates a shorter calving period and more days in milk.

Feed Efficiency

Efficient Feed Conversion

Beef supply chain price-makers are demanding quality assurance for consistency, uniform carcass quality and efficient feed conversion rates.

Quick Growth Rates

Produce more pounds of saleable product with less inputs, Beef InFocus progeny are proven to have quick growth rates. Fewer days on feed with predictable, consistent growth is the goal.

Specifically Created for Dairy Cows.

The NuEra Genetics™ program is the genetic engine behind Beef InFocus.

ABS produces hundreds of NuEra bulls each year, but only the top 4% qualify for Beef InFocus, which means the best of the best beef sires are available to maximize profitability for dairies.

Quality Without Compromise, The Key To Marketability

Superb Fat Marbling

Dairy breeds are known to have juicy, tender, and full flavour meat, but lack muscling

Beef InFocus sires carry terminal traits that add muscle quickly, while maintaining that beautiful quality of dairy meat.

Correct Ribeye From Dairy

Dairy breeds tend to produce undesirable, elongated, narrowly shaped ribeyes and angular loins.

Our Beef InFocus sires will correct the dairy ribeye shape.

Carcass Uniformity

Carcass Uniformity

Size variations can cause disruptions on standardized processing lines. It’s for this reason that uniform dairy beef can fetch premium prices.

Beef InFocus aims for a standardized carcass size out of a dairy cow.

Integrated Supply Chain Options Are Available

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